EDP Biotech welcomes internationally recognized expert Dr. Donald Wheeler to Scientific Advisory Board

Medical research company moves closer to introducing colon cancer blood test

Knoxville, Tenn. – (June 27, 2013) – EDP Biotech, the US-based developer of a blood test to detect the early stages of colon cancer called ColoMarker®, has announced that world renowned quality control expert, Dr. Donald Wheeler, is joining the company’s already-decorated scientific advisory board.

Dr. Wheeler is an American author, professor, statistician and expert in quality control and has conducted more than 1,000 seminars for more than 250 organizations in 17 countries on five continents. His work has been translated and used in over 40 countries and has had a significant impact on the success of many companies and individuals around the world.

“We welcome Dr. Wheeler and the extensive experience he brings to our scientific advisory board,” says Tom Boyd, CEO of EDP Biotech. “As we near commercialization of the ColoMarker® technology, Dr. Wheeler’s quality control expertise will be invaluable to our success.”

Winner of the 2010 Deming Metal by the American Society for Quality, author of 22 textbooks, publisher of more than 250 articles and monthly columnist for Quality Digest and Quality magazines, Dr. Wheeler is taking his seat alongside a short list of prestigious board members – Dr. Gene Overholt, inventor of the scope for colonoscopies, Dr. Herbert Fritsche, one of the world’s leading experts on cancer biomarkers, and Dr. John Costanzi, internationally-known and considered a leading expert in the treatment of cancer.

The scientific advisory board has played a critical role in EDP Biotech’s development of ColoMarker®, which is a simple blood test designed to identify potential cases of early stage colon cancer. The test identifies elevated levels of a biomarker in the bloodstream associated with the presence of colorectal cancers. When an abnormal test is received, physicians can then consult with their patients on the need for additional testing to aid in a diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment plan.

“ColoMarker® is fully developed and received third party validation earlier this week. We project to be on the market in Europe in 2014 and believe the technology has the potential to save thousands of lives each year by detecting colon cancer in its earliest stages,” said Boyd.

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