Identify Prostate Cancer sooner, so you can fight it faster.


This technology has the potential to be more accurate than other common prostate cancer markers in detecting and monitoring prostate cancer, as well as guiding therapy.

Our vision is to provide men all over the world with a more accurate prostate cancer diagnostic test that will enable better detection and hopefully improve prognosis. With enhanced specificity and sensitivity, we hope to reduce the number of needless biopsies, confirm negative biopsies, and lead to better patient management, thereby improving lives.


New Day’s novel urinary biomarker is being used to develop a prostate cancer diagnostic technology that will improve detection when compared to existing tests and facilitate early and appropriate therapeutic intervention.

Procare prostate cancer detection assay kit

Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer among men. One out of eight men develop Prostate Cancer in their lifetime; however, not every form of prostate cancer is life threatening.

The aggressive form invariably spreads to other organs in the body – particularly the skeleton – and is almost invariably lethal. However, a less aggressive, frequently indolent form of prostate cancer does exist. It is non-life threatening and must be accurately identified and discriminated from the aggressive disease.

New Day’s ProCare prostate cancer tests will be made available in two different platforms. Both platforms will utilize urine samples for detection, thus making them painless, noninvasive and easy to use.

prostate lab assay procedure
  • New Day’s ELISA lab assay will detect prostate cancer by detecting a highly specific novel marker present in the patient’s urine sample.
  • Urine samples will be collected in typical urine sample collection containers at the physician’s office and then sent to reference laboratories for analysis by ELISA assay.
  • This lab assay will detect the marker for prostate cancer and provide quantitative information regarding its levels in the patient’s urine.
Prostate rapid lateral flow test procedure
    • New Day’s ProCare rapid lateral flow assay will utilize a novel patented technology for detection of marker of prostate cancer in urine samples.
    • This assay will be similar to a urine dipstick test for pregnancy and will provide results within a few minutes.