Improving lives.

Reducing costs.

At New Day Diagnostics, we create tests that are accurate, easy to use and affordable.

In doing so, we empower people to manage their health on their terms while helping health systems enhance the care they deliver with efficient and accurate tools.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare market that improve health outcomes for people around the world.

Important New Tests/Products in Development

Whether it’s at home or in a professional healthcare setting, the benefits of fast, easy, accurate diagnostics aren’t limited to one disease. That’s why New Day Diagnostics is constantly innovating and adding to our line of testing products:

Biocard™ Pro COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

Biocard™ COVID-19 + FLU A/B + RSV Rapid Antigen Test

Biocard™ Celiac Disease Self-Test 

Biocard™ Helicobacter pylori IgG test

Biocard™ Helicobacter pylori Urease test

Ovarian Cancer – Ovation Test
Prostate Cancer – ProCare Test

For more information on COVID testing, when to take the tests, and how to use our tests,
please visit our frequently asked questions page. We are passionate about being a resource for your healthcare decisions.