Executive Team

Eric Mayer, MS, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Liggett, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer 

Sam Libby

Head Corporate Dev and M&A

Jason Scott

Chief Commercial Officer 

Commercial Team

Mark Boyd

Project Manager


Rick Jones

VP US Sales


Craig Fernandes

VP Business Development


Jessica Etheridge

Dir. Marketing & Branding 


David Talbert

Product Sales


Kenn Adach

Product Marketing & Branding


Anton Jansen

Sales Representative Products


Kay Tieman

Business Dev Consultant


Scientific Team

Prem Gurnani

VP R&D and Clinical Research

Gregory Ray, MD

Medical Director

Mark Harmon, MD

Medical Affairs

Megan Patel

Research Laboratory Manager


Kimberly Klingerman

Clinical Laboratory Manager


Shelley Edwards

Assay Development Manager


Katie Vogel

Clinical Trial Manager


Ryan Wilson

Clinical Trial Manager


Zachariah Broemmel

Assistant Scientist


Caleb Keoho

Laboratory Technician


Operations Team

Suzanne Lee

VP Operations & Finance


Tony Germer

Quality Associate


Benjamin Ripy

Quality Manager


Ganet Valentine

Insurance Billing Specialist


Missie Cantrell

Director Operations & Finance