KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – A local Knoxville company says they’re seeing more demand for COVID-19 testing. EDP Biotech Corporation has different options available for people who want to find out if they have COVID-19- the Rapid Antigen test, PCR Nasal Swab and Saliva, and a PCR Rush test that will let you know your results in 24 hours. They also offer antibody testing.

Right now, CEO Eric Mayer says it will take you 24-48 hours to get a result from their PCR tests.

“We have better tests than we had last year. They’re more accurate, they’re faster, there’s more convenient ways to get tested, and more places to get tested. the more knowledge you have the better choices you can make about your own behavior,” said Mayer.

Mayer attributes the increase in demand to the rising number of cases of the delta variant and back-to-school time.

“We’re hearing from parents and faculty that they’ve had maybe someone in their classroom that was diagnosed positive and they want to make sure their families and classrooms are protected,” said Mayer.