Detect Ovarian Cancer early and increase the success of treatments.

New Day Diagnostics is dedicated to transforming cancer diagnostics in the area of ovarian cancer to improve detection and patient outcomes.

Using a novel biomarker, New Day Diagnostics is developing noninvasive diagnostic tests that offer the promise of earlier and more accurate detection, enabling women to get the healthcare management they need, hopefully saving lives.

Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease and generally is diagnosed too late. Our goal is to revolutionize the ways the disease is diagnosed.

Ovation ovarian cancer detection assay kit

Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-induced death in women. There are 180,000 women affected worldwide, and 22,000 in the U.S. When it is detected, many times it’s too late, and prognosis is poor. The 5-year survival rate for patients diagnosed at stages III or IV is only 20% to 25% compared to approximately 95% for stages I or II.

The challenge has to do with current testing, which fails to effectively detect ovarian cancer early enough. If we can find ovarian cancer earlier, before it has spread beyond the ovary, there is hope that survival rates will improve.

New Day’s novel ovarian cancer diagnostic tests will be available in two formats, both of which will use urine samples and will be painless, noninvasive, accurate and affordable.

Ovarian lab assay procedure
  • New Day’s ELISA lab assay uses a novel patented technology that will detect ovarian cancer utilizing the patient’s urine sample.
  • The patient’s urine sample will be collected in a typical sample collection container at the physician’s office, and then sent to a reference laboratory for analysis.
  • This ELISA assay will provide quantitative information regarding the levels of Bcl-2 in the patient’s urine, thus indicating disease status.
Ovarian rapid lateral flow test procedure
  • New Day Ovation is developing a lateral flow assay as a rapid point of care (POC) test using patented technology for the detection of Bcl-2 in urine as an indicator of ovarian cancer
  • Similar to a pregnancy dipstick test, New Day Ovation’s rapid test will be easy to use and provide qualitative results in minutes.