David Allyn sits on the Board and is the Director of Philanthropic Affairs
at the Allyn Family Foundation since January 2018. In this role, he is responsible
for overseeing the foundation’s philanthropic activities and ensuring that they align
with the foundation’s goals and values. Before joining the Allyn Family Foundation,
David Allyn was employed at Welch Allyn Inc. for over 25 years. While at Welch
Allyn, David Allyn spent a majority of his career within various sales and marketing
roles. Since 2012, David Allyn has served as Director of Corporate Social
Responsibility. He has served on the Board of the Allyn Family Foundation for over
20 years and was also a member of the Syracuse Community Health Center
Foundation Board from 2001-2010, and became Co-Chair for the Foundation. In
2012, David Allyn joined the Rescue Mission Board and is currently the Chair for
their Capital Campaign and serves on the Executive Committee. David Allyn is
also a member of the Skaneateles Community Center Board of Directors.
Outside Central New York, David Allyn serves on the Board of Heart to Heart, a
humanitarian NGO (non-government organization) which provides disaster relief
around the world, as well as the Board of Trustees of Kimball Union Academy, a
preparatory school in New Hampshire. David graduated from Gettysburg College.