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New Day Diagnostics LLC Reinforces Commitment to Early Cancer Intervention with its Intention to Acquire the Assets of Epigenomics AG

New Day Diagnostics LLC is set to revolutionize cancer diagnostics through a strategic asset purchase agreement with Epigenomics AG. This move enhances their mission to provide cost-effective early detection products, with a focus on Epi proColon, a groundbreaking colorectal cancer screening tool. CEO Eric Mayer sees vast potential in the methylated DNA biomarker, and the acquisition aims to accelerate its commercialization. Jens Ravens of Epigenomics expressed confidence in the synergy between the companies, highlighting the promise of accessible blood-based cancer diagnostics. New Day Diagnostics remains dedicated to making healthcare more accessible and convenient, using the Epigenomics assets to further innovate in the diagnostic testing space.

8 Ways CROs Support Regulatory Compliance

Discover the vital role of regulatory compliance in clinical investigations for diagnostics. Learn how adherence to regulations ensures patient safety, diagnostic efficacy, and market access, driving advancements in healthcare. Explore the challenges, benefits, and future perspectives of navigating regulatory compliance in the ever-evolving diagnostic landscape. Click here to unlock the key to safe, effective, and innovative diagnostics.

ColoPlex Biomarker Data Published in Journal of Clinical Oncology

Abstract. Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide motivating national screening strategies utilizing fecal immunochemical tests (FIT). Blood-based biomarkers could be an alternative method to increase compliance in population-based screening programs for early detection of CRC. We aimed to identify new blood-based biomarkers that could be potential candidates for use in colorectal cancer screening.