19th International Celiac Disease Symposium

New Day Diagnostics, together with its partner Labsystems Diagnostics OY, participated in the 19th INTERNATIONAL CELIAC DISEASE SYMPOSIUM. Held in Sorento, Italy, scientists, clinicians, health allied professionals, patient associations and, industry, gathered to exchange knowledge and experience and to foster cooperation.

The program covered a range of topics ranging from the causes and triggers of celiac disease to diagnosis, associated conditions and ongoing management and follow up. New Day is currently applying for FDA clearance to launch the first Celiac disease self (at home) test in the US. New Day also has the right to distribute the LabSystems Celiac test for both consumers and professionals in Europe and other markets.

This test, the BIOCARD Celiac Rapid Test is a fast, easy and reliable way to test for Celiac. The test is highly accurate and will enable you to determine if you have Celiac disease and need to adjust your diet and lifestyle.

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